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“Fraser Smith is like Merlin the Magician, ‘wild man of the wood,’ the powerful figure of British folklore.”

Rhonda Sonnenberg, Fiberarts Magazine


“Forty-two squares, thirty-two pieces per square, fifteen stitches per piece.  The thought of sewing a quilt is daunting.  Now imagine carving one.  But that is exactly how Fraser Smith… makes his living.”

Jim Clement, Fine Woodworking Magazine


“With Fraser Smith, you have to rethink reality.”

Alison Stein Wellner, American Style Magazine


“Stand back 3 feet, and the look is impressive.  Move to within inches, and you may be startled by the power of the illusion.  Fraser’s slight of hand has worked.”

Roger Schroeder, Wood Carving Illustrated


“A woodcarver, and painter, working in an original, and unusual, art form he invented…”

Mary Daniels, Chicago Tribune


“It’s amazing… it’s close to one of a kind.

Art Keeble, “American Quilter”, on Lifetime Network


“Drawing closer, … the viewer finally perceives that she has been the victim of a visual prank worthy of a 16th century Mannerist.”

Dorothy Joiner, Surface Design Magazine


“Fraser Smith is a man of contradiction.”

Susan Thurston, St. Petersburg Times


“He’s very accomplished at what he does.  People often wouldn’t realize what it was.  When they did, they were shocked!”

Mark Feingold, Clayton Galleries, in The Tampa Tribune


“It’s the first time we’ve ever seen anything like this.”

Meredith Schroeder, Chairwoman of the National Quilt Museum, and co-founder of the American Quilters Society


“I contend that you could put five Mark Rothko masterpieces in a room with five Fraser Smith sculptures, open it to the general public and guess who would win the popularity contest? Yep—Fraser Smith.”

John Foster, “accidental mysteries” blog,



Jerry Saltz, New York Magazine, art critic

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